I created this website to honour my mother Lucky Dhillon OBE who influenced my life in a profound way. But now this page is something much, much more personal.

The importance of photography and the memories that a single photograph can hold is priceless. when we experience the tragic loss of a loved one, we do everything we can to hold on to those memories we have of them. Nothing helps us keep those memories better than a photograph. Recreating those memories with new photos is a great way to not only help with the healing process, but a great dedication to the one we lost.

After the sudden loss of my mother on 8th May 2013 I spent days ripping through boxes and boxes of photographs that she had stashed away. My mother was a radio broadcaster, and she had a lot of photographs with celebrities, friends, and family through her work, so there was a lot to go through. The photographs that I found during the days following her passing not only brought back memories that may have been lost otherwise, but helped in the grieving process. My mother loved everything about photography and it was something special the two of us shared together.

Discovering my mothers passion for photography won’t be forgotten, and was a well kept secret. Being in touch with latest technology I purchased a DSLR in late 2011 for the main purpose of having good pictures. After showing my mother the camera, she told me a story when she bought a camera in 1994 and then later on had to sell it to look after her family.  She continued her story, and I felt her passion and love for photography, this gave me the determination to continue her journey.

Though there are many people who influence values in my life, I believe we all have that someone. My mother has shown me that if I want to succeed in anything then I will have to give it my all. This value plays a big part in my life and motivates me with my photography. It is what motivated me to continue staying focused in the field I love.

Be inspired – Lucky Dhillon OBE